Makeup Favorites (March 2013)

Hello! Just decided to share with you guys some beauty products that I’ve been loving during the last month. I also stopped by CVS to pick up some products I’ve been eyeing for a little while, so I’ll be sure to share those with you guys in a later post. On with the favorites!


I had to get the full size of the Hand Food hand cream by Soap and Glory because my smaller size ran out, and I really loved it. This hand cream smells so good, and it’s moisturizing enough to make my dry hands super soft, but not greasy. I know hand cream technically falls under skin care, but I had it on hand, and I didn’t realize until after I finished this post that I wanted to do a skincare favorites.


My next favorites are the Maybelline color tattoo cream shadows in the colors Barely Branded and Inked in Pink. I’ve tried using these as bases for my eyeshadow, but they seem to crease on me, so I usually wear them with a little bit of primer underneath. These cream shadows are a great value, and they come in a variety of colors. I plan on getting a bunch more!


I found the most beautiful nail polish in Sephora last month, and I’ve been wearing it non-stop this whole month. The nail polish is called Chestnuts About You, from Sephora’s OPI collection. It’s a rose-gold polish that is shimmery without being over the top. I’ve been eyeing the rose-gold polish by Essie for some time now, but I haven’t been able to find it so when I stumbled upon this one, I had to get it!


To go along with my newly found nail polish love, I went looking for a new base/top coat because my Essie one had started to look a bit gross and sticky. I came across this clear polish from Revlon, and I decided to give it a shot. WOW! This nail polish not only gives my nails a glossy finish, but it also dries really quickly, and works double time as both a base and top coat all in one! Although I was originally looking for the much raved about Revlon Color Stay top coat polish, I’m definitely glad I picked this one up.


I have a bit of a hard time wearing colored eyeliners, but in light of the warmer weather, I decided to be a little edgy. I ditched my classic black eyeliner for this gorgeous emerald green liner from NYX, and I’ve been absolutely loving it. The color is called 06 Esmeralda, and I usually wear it in my lower waterline for a pop of color. I was definitely surprised by its staying power and how vibrant the color stayed throughout the day. I think I’ll take a peak in my collection of unused products more often now!


Speaking of eyeliner, my absolute favorite liquid eyeliner is L’Oreal’s Linear Intense liquid eyeliner in Carbon Black. I have no words to describe the utter joy of having a liquid eyeliner that does exactly what I want it to when I want! The liner has a felt tip applicator, and the color always stays a steady jet black no matter how many times you go over it. The color does begin to migrate after about 8 hours, but I don’t mind touching up. If I really need it to last longer than that without a touch up, I’ll lightly trace a black pencil liner along my lash line and go over it with the liquid liner. Sometimes I even add a little black eyeshadow on top of that to make sure it doesn’t budge.


I have sister to thank for my next favorite. Although I didn’t wear it as often as I did the others, it made quite an impression on me when I did wear it this month. My sister got me this lip tint from Lush, and it not only looks beautiful, but it smells heavenly! I’m terrible at describing smells, but it really has a nice scent to it. Anyway, the color is described on the package as a “Deep, just bitten red.” It’s super pigmented so I know this will last me for a while, and it’s such a pretty color to just dab on if I want to perk up my face with a little color.


Finally, I’ve rediscovered an old favorite of mine and I’m so glad I did. I’ve only tried this blush from NARS, and I keep meaning to try more because I love it so much! This color is called Amour, and although it doesn’t get as much attention as the ever so popular Orgasm color, this one will always be a favorite. Amour is a pretty peachy pink blush that mimics the flush I get on my cheeks when I’m out all day at the beach in the summer, and I have yet to find a blush that suits me better! I’m a little sad that it crumbled on me, but as long as I can still use it, I’m a happy camper!


I hope you enjoyed my this post about my favorite beauty products of the month. I’ll be following up with a favorite skincare products post that I hope to get up sometime this week. Please comment below, and let me know what your favorites of this month are and what other posts you would like to see. Thanks so much for stopping by and come again!


2 responses to “Makeup Favorites (March 2013)

    • I got the Essie clear coat a while ago, and it worked pretty well for a little while, but I definitely prefer the Revlon one because it dries much faster than the Essie polish did. I’m not sure how long my Revlon one is going to last, but I’ll keep you posted. I honestly think that Revlon is a great value and I personally prefer it. Hope this helps 🙂

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