Long Lasting Makeup for Prom

It’s that time of the year again when high school seniors everywhere are getting ready for that one special night…PROM! I originally wanted to do a post on long lasting makeup tips, but I figured that since prom season is underway, I would do a prom inspired post! These tips can certainly be used for any kind of special occasion event where you want to make sure your makeup stays put. Enjoy!


The most important part of making any makeup look last is to make sure your skin is taken care of. Be sure to moisturize your face, neck, and chest before applying makeup to keep your makeup looking fresh and from sticking to any dry spots you may have. I usually moisturize in two stages. I will moisturize my skin right after I get out of the shower and wait until it soaks in to to put on another layer. Also, be sure to use eye cream under your eyes as well. Once I’m satisfied that my skin is thoroughly moisturized, I will move on to priming my face for makeup.


Primer is an absolutely essential step to take if you want to make sure your makeup stays put all day long. Some primers I recommend are the smashbox photoready oil free primer, the Laura Mercier foundation Primer, and Benefit Porefessional. I actually need to go pick up another Porefessional because I ran out! Make sure not to work your primer into your skin, like you would a moisturizer or foundation. Primer is supposed to act as a barrier between your skin an the makeup, so your natural oils don’t break down the foundation. When I apply primer, I squeeze a small amount on to my fingers and spread it on my face in a light layer. I concentrate most of it on the apples of my cheeks,under my eyes, my forehead, and my chin because these are the areas my makeup usually fades fastest. I love using the Porefessional over large pores and dry spots that my moisturizer couldn’t take care of because it makes the skin super smooth and keeps the makeup from looking cakey. Now we’re ready for our face makeup!


Before I apply my foundation, I make sure to conceal my under eye circles with a brightening, salmon toned concealer. This helps to brighten the eye area and conceal under eye circles. I typically blend out the concealer under my eyes in a “V” shape to avoid the reverse raccoon effect! Finally, we’re ready for foundation!


When getting ready for a special occasion like prom, make sure to use a foundation that is long lasting and matches you perfectly. I’ve never had the problem of foundations with SPF leaving my face with a white cast in photos, but it might be because of how my skin reacts with the foundation. As a precaution, I would steer clear of foundations with SPF in them if you’re worried, or you can take some test photos with the flash on in different lighting to test it out. Some of my favorite long lasting foundations are the Revlon ColorStay and Clinique Even Better Makeup. Both foundations last a good amount of time on their own and last even longer with primer. They also have really good coverage so you might not need concealer.


After I apply my foundation I let it set and dry before applying anything else. Once it’s dry, I will go in with a concealer to camouflage any imperfections that show through. I don’t use the same concealer on my imperfections as I do on my eyes. I usually use a heavier and more pigmented concealer for blemishes. Be sure not to apply too much though to avoid the cakey look. Now, even though we’re pretty much done with making the face look even, I don’t powder just yet. At this point, I move on to the eyes!

Along with priming your face, you definitely want to use a primer on your eyes to keep your eyeshadow in place and vibrant. Some tried an true primers are Urban Decay primer potion and Too Faced Shadow insurance. I also hear great things about the ELF primer, but I personally haven’t tried it. Once you’ve primed your eyes, you’re all ready to do your eye makeup. Sometimes it helps to use cream shadows and shadows that have long lasting qualities. I personally love the lasting power of Urban Decay and Inglot shadows.


Also, it’s definitely a good idea to use a waterproof eyeliner and mascara to make sure there is little to no smudging and your eye makeup looks just as amazing when you take it off as when you first put it on. I also love putting a nude eyeliner in my waterline to make my eyes pop and look a bit brighter and bigger. I highly recommend the Maybelline Falsies mascara in the waterproof formula because it not only volumizes, but it also lengthens. As for pencil eyeliners, I always go for a waterproof formula such as Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on eyeliner or Rimmel’s Scandaleyes waterproof eyeliner. For added staying power, I will usually layer a liquid eyeliner on top of the pencil, and I always reach for my L’Oreal Linear Intense Liquid eyeliner in Carbon Black. Also, if you really want to amp up the drama, reach for a pair of false lashes and go to town with ’em!


Now let’s turn our attention back to our face makeup. I always powder my face makeup after I’ve completely finished my eye makeup. I do this because I can easily sweep away any fall out from the shadows with my setting powder and avoid any unwanted smudging. The powder I’m currently using is actually a powder foundation from Bare Minerals. I use powder foundation because I think it gives a bit more coverage and helps to blend the foundation and concealer better than translucent powder. I am on the lookout for another powder to set my foundation with, so if you have any suggestions please leave them down below in the comments.


For any special occasion look, you always want to wear a cheek color and highlighter. Whether you prefer blush or bronzer, pick your favorite one and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. I personally like to layer my blushes if I want it to last, so I will usually use a cream blush and set it with a powder blush that complements my skin tone. My favorite cream blush is Boho Chic by NYX. This blush gives a natural pop of color to the cheeks and it looks great layered underneath my Dollface powder blush by Tarte. I also love the pigmentation and lasting power of the Wet n’ Wild blushes too.


From left: Boho Chick, Dollface, Pearlescent Pink

Finally, once you have applied all your makeup be sure to set all your hard work with a makeup setting spray. A lot of companies make setting sprays, but my favorite ones are the Urban Decay ones. I’ve tried the All Nighter and my current favorite is De-Slick. A setting spray is really important because it will lock in your makeup until you decide to wash it off, and I find that it makes my makeup look a lot less powdery and much more natural and dewy.


So there you have it! These are my tips and tricks for long lasting makeup for prom or any special occasion. I hope you have an amazing time at prom and at the special events you might be going to this spring and summer. I will be doing a prom makeup tutorial soon, so be sure to leave a comment down below about what kind of Prom makeup you would want to see! Thanks again so much for stopping by and I hope you come again!


9 responses to “Long Lasting Makeup for Prom

  1. I love the Colorstay foundation as well! I’ve been wanting to try the Clinique Even Better, how does it compare?


    • The Clinique Even Better foundation has amazing coverage, it dries to a nice semi-matte finish, and it’s great for travel since it’s in a squeeze bottle. It also doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and it photographs nicely. My only qualm with the Clinique foundation is that it’s a tad pink for my skin tone, but other than that, it’s really nice. I always take this one with me when I go away on short trips. Hope this helps!

      • How’s lasting power? My pet peeve about foundations is that I look like a total greaseball at the end of my 8-hour day :/

  2. I usually use a primer underneath and a makeup setting spray so it lasts pretty well on my skin. I really think it depends on your skin type, but as long as you use a primer with it and you set it well, it should last nicely. I’ve never had a problem with it fading throughout the day.

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