Manicure Monday

Hello there! I decided to share with you the nail polish I have on today because I think it’s super pretty and perfect for spring. This color is called Lacey Lilac from the Sally Hansen X-treme wear line. I really like this color and I definitely think it’s going to be a staple for spring and summer this year.


Thanks for stopping by and come again!


3 responses to “Manicure Monday

    • I like the consistency when I first use them, but I do find that they get old rather quickly, which makes them really thick and difficult to work with. I like how I can get a fairly opaque color payoff with one coat, but I like to go over it with another for more of a gel look. The great thing about these polishes though is the price point. It doesn’t break the bank to pick up a second of your favorite color, so I don’t mind repurchasing. Let me know what you think of them if you try one out again. 🙂

      • Maybe mine was just a bad bottle, it was thick as soon as I bought it. I will probably pick up a different color to try them out to see if that is why it was like that. Thank you!

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