Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids

I’ve been loving the two Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid lipsticks I mentioned in my last drugstore haul. I’m definitely going to be getting quite a few more colors to add to my collection.


These lipsticks are in pretty standard packaging. The tube twists up and it has a bright orangy-red plastic cap.



The color of the lipstick in the tube is definitely the color you get when you put it on. The intensity depends on how pigmented your lips are, but I think both colors would look beautiful on all skin tones no matter what. My lips are pretty pigmented so I have a difficult time wearing nude, baby pink, and coral colors because they seem to wash me out, but these lipsticks lean more toward warm pink, so they work really nicely on my skin. The formula is creamy and the color goes on evenly. I don’t find that these lipsticks dry my lips out, but I definitely recommend exfoliating them before applying the lipstick and wearing a lip balm underneath.


(From Left: Vivid Rose and Shocking Coral)

Coverage and Finish:

These lipsticks are super pigmented so you won’t have a problem getting the color to transfer, but they do stain your lips so be weary of that if you need to switch lip colors in the middle of the day. Shocking Coral is such an amazing color and it was actually the reason I became interested in the line. This color seems to come off as more of a hot pink on my lips, but it definitely has a coral undertone in it. Vivid Rose blew me away! I was so excited for Shocking Coral when I picked them up, but even though I like the color, I absolutely fell in love with Vivid Rose. The name describes the color perfectly and it leaves the most gorgeous stain when you take it off so you don’t need to reapply if it starts to fade. Both colors look shimmery and dewy in the swatches, but they come off more matte on the lips.


(From Left: Vivid Rose and Shocking Coral)

Lasting Power:

These lipsticks have great lasting power as long as you put lip balm on underneath. When the color does begin to fade it doesn’t leave that annoying outline on your lips so it fades evenly. On the same note, the color lasts quite a long time on its own without needing to be reapplied so I wouldn’t worry too much about it fading.

Here are some pictures of me wearing Vivid Rose (on the left) and Shocking Coral (on the right).

IMG_0878     IMG_0880

I plan on picking up On Fire Red and a pink shade like Hot Plum or Fushia Flash next time I go to CVS. Let me know if you’ve tried these out and which colors you like! Thanks for stopping by and come again!


2 responses to “Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids

  1. That Vivid Rose looks so lovely! I never would have thought to try it without reading this review and seeing the swatches! Thank you. 🙂

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