Bdellium Brushes

I was so excited to try the Bdellium brushes I bought when I was at IMATS this year and they have definitely lived up to my expectations. I bought four brushes from the green bamboo line and I’ve really enjoyed using them the past couple months. These brushes go by numbers, like MAC and Sigma brushes. The ones I picked up were the 949 (pointed foundation brush), 769 (angled contour), 772 (small shader), and 762 (angled brow brush).


The brushes overall:
I love that these brushes are not only synthetic and eco friendly, but they are also fairly priced and anti-bacterial. Since I got mine at IMATS they were discounted, but the brushes typically run from $5 to $15. All my brushes have held up really nicely through multiple washings and they seem easier to clean than my regular brushes for some reason. The bristles are really soft and I haven’t noticed any shedding or bleeding so they are definitely good quality.

949 Pointed Foundation Brush:
I had been wanting a pointed foundation brush for a while now and I considered buying one from sigma, but I was super excited to find this one at IMATS. I love using this brush right under the eyes to blend out concealer or apply a light amount of powder.


769 Angled Contour Brush:
On the packaging it’s described as an eye brush, but I bought it with the intention of using it to blend out under eye concealer. It’s definitely worked really well for that and I love how the angle of the bristles fit the under eye area.


772 Small Shader Brush:
I was drawn to this brush because I’ve been looking for a flat brush to pack on the color when I apply eyeshadow. This brush is the perfect size for my eyes and it distributes color really nicely.


762 Angled Brow Brush:
I LOVE this brush for filling in my eyebrows! When I saw it on display, I was so excited to pick it up because I thought it would be perfect for getting that super precise line with gel eyeliner, but I decided to use it for what it’s labeled for and I’m definitely buying another one.


Overall, I really think that Bdellium brushes are amazing quality for a great price and I’m definitely excited to buy more. I want to wait for IMATS next year to get them at a discount, but I don’t know if I can wait until then! This line of brushes come in green, pink, and yellow and I highly recommend them. If you pick some up, definitely let me know how you like them in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by and come again!


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