Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

I know I’m a little late on the bandwagon, but after using the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation for about two months now, I’m ready to review it for you. Enjoy!

Packaging: The foundation is in a square shaped, clear bottle with a white cap. It’s pretty standard as far as foundations go, but the lack of a pump makes it a bit of a mess to use.

IMG_0899 IMG_0916

Product: Picking out a color was a pain because you can’t test it before you buy it, but with a little research, I decided to pick up two colors. Typically, I’m a nc25-nc30 in MAC so I picked up fresh beige and natural beige. Fresh beige matched me the best, but I decided to keep natural beige because it’s a bit darker, and I could use it in the summer. I really like this foundation and I’ve been wearing it non-stop for the past month.


Coverage and Finish: It gives light to medium coverage, but I love that it lets my skin show through. It does a great job of evening out my skin tone and getting rid of most of my redness. It won’t cover blemishes and hyper pigmentation completely, so you will need a concealer for that. The texture is much more liquidy than Color Stay, but not as runny as Neutrogena Healthy skin. As for the finish, it isn’t completely dewy on my dry skin, but it comes off more satin. This foundation is a great choice for all skin types, but I would recommend powder for oily skin because I notice it does get a bit shiny and oily feeling in the places I tend to get oily. I also have a review of the powder coming up soon so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

No Makeup


Revlon Nearly Naked 1 layer


Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation 2 layers


Lasting power: I love the finish this foundation gives my skin, but it does wear off faster than the ColorStay formula. However, it doesn’t look patchy like a lot of foundations do. This foundation just seems to fade into my skin seamlessly, and it looks really natural.
Here is my makeup when I first put it on at 7:00 am.

Here’s an update at 7:00 pm.


I wanted to do another update later in the day, but I couldn’t find a room with good enough lighting. Anyway I think 12 hours of wear is pretty good. As you can see some of the foundation had faded on my chin and forehead, but not to the point that it looked patchy or bad. I worked at both my jobs that day and was on my way to meet my family for dinner by 7:00 so I was happy to see that I still looked presentable. By the end of the day, around 11:30 my makeup had faded a bit more, but I could definitely tell that it held up pretty well. When I took a makeup remover towel to one side of my face I was rather pleased to see a noticeable difference between the two sides of my face.

Other thoughts: Judging by the two colors I have, this foundation seems to run a bit more on the warm side with yellow and golden undertones. I actually prefer foundations with a yellow or golden undertone because I think they cover redness better and are overall a better match for my skin. I can’t speak for all the colors in the range, but this is just what I’ve come up with from the colors I have.

Bottom Line: This foundation has buildable light to medium coverage, a satin-dewy finish, and wears well throughout the day. I really think this foundation is a great choice for summer because it’s light and almost fool proof to apply as long as you have the right color. I love this foundation to pieces and I will definitely be using it all spring and summer long.

P.S. I made this review over a few days so the first set of pictures were just to show the coverage and how buildable the foundation is. In the second set of pictures I’m only wearing 1 layer of foundation and a little bit of concealer with the rest of my makeup.

Leave your comments and questions in the comments section, and definitely let me know what you think of this foundation if you’ve tried it. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!


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