Prom Eyes: Sunset eyes

Today I have a really colorful prom look for you. I never use colorful eyeshadows in my daily makeup, so this look was a lot of fun to do. I was inspired by the gorgeous sunsets on summer nights to create this look. It’s a bit dramatic for everyday wear, but you can tone it down if you want, to make it a fun summery look. Enjoy!


What you need:


Matte eyeshadow in a color close to your skin tone for blending

Bright matte ocean blue eyeshadow and eyeliner that is a similar color

Matte canary yellow eyeshadow

Matte orange eyeshadow

Matte hot pink eyeshadow

Matte pink-based purple eyeshadow

Pearl shade for the highlighting the brow bone

Shimmery gold shade for the inner corners.


Pencil brush or any small precise brush

Crease brush

Flat eyeshadow brush

dome shaped blending brush

angled eyeliner brush

How to get the look!

  1. Make sure you start off with a clean and primed base. I love to use my Urban Decay Primer Potion in the original formula.
  2. Take the hot pink color on the flat eyeshadow brush and pat it all over the lid, but leave the inner corner blank and stay under the crease.
  3. Once the pink is as intense as you want it, move on and take the yellow color on a pencil brush and apply it to the inner corner of the eye. Be sure to blend it into the pink on the lid.
  4. Next using the other side of the brush, pick up the orange color and use it as a transition color between the pink and yellow. I started by patting it on top of the area where the pink and yellow meet, then I feathered it into both colors
  5. Take the purple on a crease brush and work it into the crease. You can decide whether you want the crease to be really defined or blended out. I started by making it slightly defined in the crease and blending it out in the outer “V” area.
  6. Using the dome shaped brush, blend out the colors up to your brow bone with the eyeshadow that is closest to your skin tone. Once you’re satisfied with the look, use the pearl eyeshadow to highlight your brow bone and a gold-toned eyeshadow over the yellow in your inner corners
  7. Make sure all the shadows blend into each other, but are still vibrant. You don’t want any visible lines to show where one color starts and another ends. You can stop here or continue on to the next step for the whole look.
  8. Finally. Take a bright blue eyeliner and trace the lower waterline and lash line with it. Use the ocean blue eyeshadow to intensify the color on the lower lash line. I couldn’t find my blue eyeliner for this look so I just used a really pigmented eyeshadow under my lash line.



You can sheer out or intensify the colors as much as you want or skip the blue on the lower lash line. Just be comfortable πŸ™‚ The look is definitely versatile so customize it! If you are going for a colorful dramatic look, definitely pick up some lashes to amp it up. I would opt for half lashes so it doesn’t look too over the top and make sure to keep the rest of your makeup fairly natural with a soft pink lip, so the eyes can be the center of attention! For this look I used the Liberty Republic lashes that I bought at IMATS.

Be sure to fill in your eyebrows if you need it or go over them with clear gel to set them in place. Groomed and filled eyebrows help to frame the face really nicely. πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you liked this tutorial. Enjoy prom and your summer events and I’ll be back with another prom look shortly!”


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