Sunglasses and lipstick

Good morning lovelies! I’ve been falling behind on my regular posting schedule, but I do have a fashion haul coming up in the next couple of days. Until then, I thought I might share with you a look I’ve been rocking on the weekends. I never used to wear sunglasses, but since I’ve picked up a few that I like, I’ve been loving pairing a bright or bold lip with some chic sunglasses. I’m going to feature this pair in my fashion haul so I’ll link it here when I get a chance to put it up. Anyway, in this picture I’m wearing my, much neglected, shocking coral lipstick and a pair of embellished cat eye sunglasses.

I hope you enjoyed my sunglasses and lipstick look. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back with more soon. In the meantime, I’d love to hear about some of your go-to summer looks!



5 responses to “Sunglasses and lipstick

  1. Summer dresses ROCK!! Paige, you are ROCKING those shades!!! They are SO hot! ANd I’m glad you’re wearing sunglasses now, because they’re SO important to protect your sight and the precious skin around your eyes!! (The less you wear them, even in Winter, the more prone you will be to early lines and wrinkles cause by UV damage!! EEK!!). So keep those shades on, beautiful! And that lipstick shade is PERFECT! I love you in brights!

    • Thank you! I’m glad I’ve started wearing sunglasses too because I’ve noticed that I don’t squint as much anymore and I love that they’re the perfect summer accessory.

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