Martha’s Country Bakery

I know I don’t typically do posts on my personal life, but I was at Martha’s Country Bakery this past weekend with my best friend Ashlee and I was inspired to share with you the delightful goodies we munched on. I also think that although my blog is mostly about makeup, there are other avenues of beauty that I haven’t touched upon yet; one of them being, the beauty of catching up and sharing stories with your best friend and munching on some baked goods.


Ashlee posing for the camera!


Here’s a close up of my red velvet hot chocolate. I love this stuff so much! I’m not a fan of whipped cream, but I forgot to tell them. It makes for an adorable picture though!


Ashlee’s berry cake looked so good! I was just a little jealous haha


I ordered an apple turnover, but I hadn’t realized how big it would be! Nonetheless, it was amazing and yes, I did eat the whole thing by myself!


And finally, just a silly picture of Ashely posing with my hot chocolate!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the pictures from my night out with my bestie. I’m working on some baked goods of my own that I plan to post about and share the recipes for. Thanks so much for stopping by and come again! 🙂


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