I don’t typically rush out to buy from MAC’s limited edition lines, but the Temperature Rising line for this summer was quite the exception. The advertisement MAC sent out via e-mail was very enticing and I was drawn to a few of the products. Since I am on a bit of a budget, I decided to pick one product I wanted and treat myself. I picked up the Ripe For Love blush and I haven’t put it down since. I’ve been using this blush now for the past couple of weeks and you can bet it will be in my June favorites!


I’m a sucker for coral toned anything, but especially blush. I think it gives the most natural flush, but what attracted me to this blush specifically, was the satin finish and how it seemed to be a slightly more rosey version of my favorite NARS amour blush.


I love that the packaging is classic MAC, but with a sparkly brown finish instead of plain matte black. I’ve been using this blush for about a month now and I’ve noticed that it has great color payoff and I can finally see why everyone raves about MAC blushes. It goes on smooth and blends nicely with the skin. I also like that it has fairly good staying power throughout the day. I would say that it stays on for roughly 7 hours without any noticeable wear to the color. Unfortunately this color is limited edition, and I had a difficult time finding it, but maybe MAC will re-promote it since it was such a hit this time around. I’ve never tried any of MAC’s powders, but I can definitely say that this blush was a great introduction to MAC’s powder products! I was also eyeing the Nude on Board bronzer that was re-promoted with the Temperature Rising collection, but I didn’t end up getting it. I’m hoping that MAC re-promotes it again because I missed it the first time it was released last year with the Hey, Sailor collection.



If you’ve recently discovered a high end product that you think is worth every penny or “splurge-worthy”, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment or a link to your blog and I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks for stopping by and come again!


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    • Yea the color is beautiful. I can’t speak for other people’s skin, but I know that the blush lasts at least that long for me and I have combination-oily skin. Thanks for reading!

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