Colorful liner and Falsies

Hello lovelies! It’s been a bit hectic over here since my internship will be coming to an end soon, but I haven’t forgotten about you guys! I just wanted to share with you the eye look I wore for a family dinner the other night. I don’t typically do anything crazy for dinners with the family, but I’ve been so excited to use my new wet n wild eyeliners that I decided to go a bit more dramatic than usual.
The star of this look was my wet n wild liquid eyeliner in the color 863 turquoise.
1. I used my Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the shadows Virgin, Naked, and Buck from the UD Naked palette to start off the look.
2. Next, I took a green/teal Inglot eyeshadow and lined my upper lash line as a guide for the liquid eye liner.
3. I applied the liquid eyeliner and added a small flick at the edge.
4. To give the look some extra flair, I added some Liberty Republic half lashes called Prima Dona and added some mascara to blend the lashes with my own. I’ve been trying to get more comfortable wearing false lashes.

Here are some pictures of the final look. I don’t know why my camera made the lashes appear blurry or grey. They are definitely black and very bold. My camera also doesn’t do the color of the liner justice. To be fair though, I did take these pictures when I got home because I didn’t have time to before I left. On the bright side, you can see how well the look lasted through the night!




I was so worried my lashes would fall off in the middle of dinner, I kept asking my sister if my eyelashes were still glued on! Anyway, I am very happy to report that not only did my lashes stay put, but the liquid liner stayed perfect all night long. There wasn’t a smudge in sight. I’ll test it out one more time in the heat, when I’ll be sweating, before I say for sure that it’s absolutely smudge proof. I will say though, that if you plan on using this eyeliner for a nice night out when you won’t be sweating or doing any kind of strenuous activity, it’s sure to impress.

I hope you enjoyed my review update, false lash adventure, and eye look. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk to you all soon!


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