Mini Sephora Haul

I’m so super excited to share with you all the Sephora haul I’ve been blabbing about all month. It’s been a long time coming because I didn’t buy all of these items at once. I actually stopped by Sephora a number of times over the month to pick them up and now I’m ready to share!


First up is a tool that you may have seen on Instagram and in a post a few weeks ago. I caved and bought myself a beauty blender to find out what all the hype was about. I love my little beauty blender so much! You can check out my review here.

20130814-124659.jpg 20130814-124757.jpg

Next, I picked up the Anastasia brow wiz… another cult favorite…because I really needed something quick and easy to do my brows with. I got the shade brunette, and I love that this pencil also has a spoolie attached to the other side. I’m also quite a fan of the sleek and pretty packaging.

20130815-112113.jpg 20130815-112149.jpg

20130815-112123.jpg 20130815-112136.jpg

Speaking of packaging, I definitely got this mascara purely because I have an obsession with anchors this summer. I am a huge fan of the original Tarte lights camera lashes mascara, so I decided to try out the waterproof formula. Typically I hate wearing waterproof mascara, but that adorable anchor made me do it! I’ll include a separate review of this mascara in another post. As of right now, I’m a bit disappointed, but I hope that I just need to give it some time. I’ll check back with you guys soon!


That’s it for my mini Sephora haul! I definitely want to go back to get a few more things before I go on vacation, but I haven’t gotten around to it just yet. Some of the things, I’ve been eyeing are:

Makeup Forever Face and Body Foundation

I became obsessed with this foundation when I got a sample earlier this summer. I’ve been putting off getting it because it’s so expensive and at $40.00 a bottle, I definitely want to make sure I want it before I get it.

NARS blush in Lustre

I swatched this blush in the store when one of my favorite youtubers rave about it. At first it came off really sparkly, but after I blended it in, the shimmer died down and it left a really beautiful bronzy flush. I really love that this blush seemed to lean more bronze in some lighting and more coral in others. Again, I haven’t picked it up yet because it’s rather expensive at $28.00 each.

Urban Decay Naked Basics

I tried out my best friend’s palette the other day and I know that I NEED this in my life. I don’t think $27.00 is really all that expensive for a six shadow eye shadow palette, but I’ve put it off until I have room to fit it in with the rest of my collection. haha!

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back again with more makeup reviews, looks, and goodies!


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