Frugal Find Friday

Today’s Frugal Find Friday post is all about the Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigements that were released about a month ago. I have the colors Barely Brazen and Breaking Bronze. I love my natural eye look I go for on most days, but I thought adding a little shimmery pigment might give it a little boost.

20130815-101351.jpg  20130815-101401.jpg

I’m not a huge fan of the packaging of these pigments, but I notice that most pigment eyeshadows are packaged similarly. The cap twists off and there’s a sifter inside that dispenses the product. It can be super messy, but I try to keep it as neat as possible. Below is a swatch of the pigments on top of a primer

20130815-101341.jpg  20130815-101331.jpg

Barely Brazen is a gorgeous champagne color that has pink shimmer in it. It’s really pretty in the inner corner of the eyes. Breaking Bronze is a gorgeous bronze color that has a bit of gold shimmer in it.

I decided to try these Color Tattoo Pure Pigments on top of some similar colored Color Tattoo Cream shadows. I used Barely Branded (from the metal line) as a base for Barely Brazen pigment, and I used Bad to the Bronze (Regular line) as a base for Breaking Bronze. Oh… it was AMAZING!! The pigments were so much brighter and so pretty! This picture really doesn’t do it justice. I’ll post a picture of what it really looks like on the eyes soon so you can see, and I’ll link it here.


Bottom: Pigments without cream shadow base. Top: With cream shadow base.

I’ve been so blown away with the gorgeous combination of Bad to the Bronze and Breaking Bronze that I featured both in my July favorites post here. Overall, I really love these pigments and I love them even more over the color tattoo cream shadows! I can’t wait to pick up more colors and this time I might go for something a bit more adventurous like green or blue! Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend! 🙂


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