July Favorites

It’s August already! I know I probably say this in most of my favorites posts, but I feel like I don’t realize how fast time goes by until it’s already the end of the month! I have a ton of favorites to share from this month because I’ve changed up almost all of the products I use for my day to day look since last month.

My first favorite is a rediscovered foundation! Neutrogena Healthy Skin was actually the very first foundation I ever used, and I always come back to it whenever I need a really flawless look without the caked on feeling. This is my second bottle, and I will definitely be purchasing a third when this one runs out! For reference, I’m in the shade Natural Beige 60 and I’m typically an NC25-NC30.

20130810-204536.jpg 20130810-231559.jpg
Next up is a tool that was featured in my mini Sephora haul. Yep, you guessed it. My beauty blender has been my most loved tool this month to apply foundation and blend out blush. It’s a bit of a pain to wash, but for the finish it gives, taking the extra five minutes is definitely worth it. Check out the review here!


I picked up this concealer for a few reasons. 1) I had heard great reviews about it. 2) the concealer process I was using was just too tedious, so I needed something much more streamlined. 3) I realized that using a pink toned concealer wasn’t hiding the darkness under my eyes anymore. I’ll include a separate review, to go more in detail, which I will link here when it’s up.

20130810-204829.jpg 20130810-204901.jpg

Oh how I love my color tattoos! I’m going to combine this favorite because not only do I love both of these products, but I love them even more together! In a recent adventure to CVS, I picked up two of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments. I paired the Breaking Bronze pigment with my Bad to the Bronze Color Tattoo cream shadow and I fell in love. This has been my go to look for everyday bronzy goodness and it barely fades throughout the day.


I know I included this in my last favorites post, but I honestly can’t get enough of this blush! I’m still loving my MAC Ripe for Love blush so much that I couldn’t find the heart to put it down this month. I promise to give other blushes a chance in August!


I have yet another favorite from my mini Sephora haul. I have been loving my Anastasia brow wiz pencil to fill in my brows, and I find that I definitely save some time in the morning with this wonder pencil!


I’ve had the NYC sunny bronzer for quite some time and I forgot how much I liked using it until I dug it out this month. I completely forgot how great of a contour color it is and I am so happy I found it!

20130810-204945.jpg 20130811-192513.jpg

Lipsticks stole my heart…and my wallet this month. I rediscovered an old favorite by Rimmel and promptly ran out to buy more of their lipsticks. I rediscovered Airy Fairy and it has been my go to natural lipstick color. I really can’t leave the house without it. I also fell in love with Let’s get Naked from the new moisture renew line and 103 from the Kate Moss matte lipstick line. Rimmel definitely takes the cake for lipstick formulation this month.

20130810-231525.jpg 20130810-231517.jpg 20130810-231533.jpg

(From left: 103, Let’s get naked, Airy Fairy

That’s all for my July favorites! I hope you enjoyed my post! Leave a comment below telling me what your favorites are for July. I love to try out new products that other beauty bloggers rave about! Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you all very soon!


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