Nail Polish Dupe!

Instead of my typical Monday Manicure post, I’ve decided to share an awesome dupe I found recently! I was in Ulta browsing around with my mentor Gen, and we came across an adorable case of mini Orly nail polishes. I instantly gravitated toward the shiny rose gold polish and that’s when it hit me! It could be a dupe for my all time favorite shimmery nail polish, “Chestnuts about you” from last year’s OPI for Sephora holiday collection. Check out my Monday Manicure post on it here.


On the left is my favorite nude with a kick nail polish. On the right is the mini Orly nail polish I found at Ulta.

20130902-164241.jpg   20130902-164235.jpg

The Sephora nail polish is called Chestnuts About You and the Orly nail polish is called Rage.

I had a hard time with the lighting because the nail polishes are so shimmery, and the sun wasn’t cooperating with me, but I hope you can tell how similar and how pretty both polishes are. I wore “Chestnuts About You” on my index nail and Rage on my middle nail in both pictures. Both polishes have a light gold base with pink micro glitter that mixes in with the gold to give it that beautiful rose gold color.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to like this post for more dupes! Happy Labor Day to my readers in the states and I hope you all have a great week!


9 responses to “Nail Polish Dupe!

  1. Both are really pretty & gentle colors. And i think you have found a good dupe.
    I have not tried any Orly polishes yet, but now i’m kind of excited to try……:)

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