Must have beauty products

I was recently cleaning out and organizing my makeup collection when I realized that there were some products that I have loved for a long time. I thought it would a perfect time to do a beauty must have’s post.

Scunci Hair elastics
I discovered these hair elastics early in high school and once I realized that they did a much better job of holding my hair in place than any other brand, I was hooked and have stayed loyal since. I honestly don’t even remember what I used before these beauties made a debut in my life! I think scrunchies might have still been in style when I made the switch. Anyway, I love these elastics because there are no metal parts and their flat shape holds on to my hair much better than the round elastics. I know they have also come out with flat elastics that have a rubber grip on the inner part, but after having a rather frightening incident with a headband getting horribly knotted in my hair because of the rubber on it, I swore off all hair accessories with a rubbery grip.


These are unique and I have never seen anything like them before because they curl into themselves on the under part and are extremely flexible and stretchy. I have probably had only one or two break on me in all the years I have used them, so I think it’s safe to say they are quite durable. In case you are still questioning their ability to effectively hold your hair in place, I got my friend hooked on these scrunchies when I saw that she needed two or three regular hair elastics to put her hair in a simple pony tail. My friend had beautiful, thick, long Filipino hair that was so difficult and heavy to put up. At first she was skeptical that these hair scrunchies would do anything for her hair, but after she put her hair up with one and realized that she didn’t need a million to keep her hair in place, she was hooked. These hair scrunchies are a bit difficult to find, but I’ve managed to spot them in a few Rite Aids and Walgreens.


Maybelline Colassal Volume Mascara

This is yet another highschool sweetheart of mine. I started using this in freshman year and I have kept a tube in my collection ever since. I like that it adds a good amount of length while also thickening my lashes from root to tip. I think this mascara is great for every day wear and when it’s paired with the Maybelline falsies mascara, the combination is perfect for a night out. About a year ago, Maybelline came out with another version of their Colossal mascara and I absolutely love this one as well. It’s the same formula as the original, but the wand is curved and a bit thinner and the packaging is oh so cute!


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup
This foundation was the very first foundation I ever tried and the first one I ever repurchased because I just couldn’t live without it! I remember doing a ton of research on drugstore foundations and I was very lucky to have picked this one up, not only because I fell in love with the formula, but also because the color was a perfect match! This foundation can have light to medium coverage depending on how you build the color up and I love how great it is for spring and fall. This foundation does an amazing job at blurring imperfections and making you look airbrushed without looking cakey.


Mac Studio Finish Concealer
I picked this concealer up about a year and a half ago and I have not put it down since. This concealer is the absolutely perfect consistency for blemishes or dark spots that are difficult to cover. It’s a thick formula that will cover and won’t budge. I don’t use this concealer under my eyes because it creases, but for the rest of my face it’s amazing!


NARS blush in Amour
I’ve talked about this blush more than I probably should, but I do because it’s such a great color. I’ve also been using this since my high school years and although I love to try new blushes, I always have this one in circulation.


Mac all that glitters eyeshadow
This eyeshadow was one of my first purchases from MAC and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was. For a good amount of time, this eyeshadow was the only one I used on a daily basis. With one sweep over my lids and a bit concentrated in my crease, I was ready to go! Definitely believe the hype about this eyeshadow! Currently I’m looking for a dupe among the Inglot shadows, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!


Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer
I’ve used this moisturizer for quite some time, and I continue to use it because it works so well with my skin. The formula strikes the perfect balance for my skin, and I love that it also contains SPF 15. This moisturizer can be quite expensive for a drugstore product, retailing at about $15-$17 each, but I have been able to find mine in a double pack at BJ’s for $19.99. I’m sure you can probably find it in other wholesale stores for much cheaper than the prices drugstores charge.


That’s all for my makeup must haves post! If you have some holy grail products of your own that you just can’t go without, let me know what they are in the comments below! Thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂


6 responses to “Must have beauty products

  1. I love the Aveeno moisturizer! One product I’ve repurchased more than once 🙂 I’ll never tried the Neutrogena foundation, but I’ve always been interested. Maybe I’ll have to pick one up sometime 🙂

      • i forgot to ask, what shade are you in the foundation? I’m thinking of picking one up to try it out 🙂 You’re about the same coloring as me so I could perhaps go off of that!

      • I use shade 60 Natural Beige and it works really nicely with my skin. I’m between an NC25 and NC30 in MAC, if that helps any 🙂 let me know how the foundation works for you!

  2. I see a few of my personal faves in this post as well! A little tip for all that glitters, if you pour a bit of rubbing alcohol into you can press it back into a solid, so it’s not loose. I would say do the same thing for amour, but in my experience it just doesn’t work the same with matte products.

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