August Favorites

Yet again, I’m late with my August favorites, but better late then never! Anyway, I just started back at school a couple of weeks ago and things have been pretty crazy with school work and other stuff. I expect to be all caught up with any posts I said I would do by the end of September, so stay tuned. Okay, enough blabbing! On to the favorites!

First up is a powder I discovered early this month. I picked up the ELF High Definition Powder when I was doing makeup for a friend’s photoshoot. I needed a universal setting powder for the girls I was doing makeup on, and I had heard great things about this one. I prefer a pressed powder that I can bring with me in my purse, but I really like the finish this powder leaves on my skin. I don’t notice a white cast on my face when I wear this and it’s definitely very light.


I love love love the L’Oreal True Match Lumi foundation! I’m super late on the bandwagon for this one, but I absolutely love it. I’ve been using this foundation for the entire month and I love the finish it leaves on my skin. I’ll have a full review posted shortly and I’ll leave a link here for it.


This is yet another product I picked up when I was doing makeup for my friend’s photoshoot. I needed another eyelash curler because mine had gotten a bit yucky, so I decided to grab this as a substitute. It does a great job of curling the lashes and I ended up getting one for myself!


I featured these products in my last favorites post, but I just couldn’t seem to put them down this month either! The lipstick is called “Let’s Get Naked” from Rimmel’s Moisture Renew line, and I topped it off with the NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel. I love these two lip products paired together. I think they create the perfect dusty rose color.



I got back into wearing jewelry when I got back from Puerto Rico because of this simple, yet beautiful, hand made ring. Because my hands and frankly everything about me is rather small, The artist, who was making the rings, made mine on the spot because none of the rings he had on display fit me! My mom and my sister have matching rings as well.


These next two rings are ones that I already owned, but rediscovered when I came back from my vacation.

My grandmother gave this ring as a gift to my mom years ago. I remember finding it in my mom’s jewelry box when I was younger and trying it on. When she saw how much I liked the ring, she let me keep it, and I always forget how pretty it is until I dig it out and wear it again.

This is another ring that was passed down to me from my mom. She used to wear this ring when she was in high school, but it got tucked away and forgotten about when she graduated and packed up her childhood things.

I absolutely love these rings and although they don’t exactly match, I actually really like how they look together when I wear them. I find it kind of funny that even though I typically look for rings that have flat designs and I try to steer clear of rings with stones or gems, two of my favorite rings have stones incased in them! I honestly have never realized that before!


Last, but not least are some more jewelry items that I loved this month. A child I used to babysit and her family gave me the necklace when I was about to start my internship and I absolutely adore it! I’m not sure if it’s clear in the picture, but the copper pendant has a quote by Shakespear, “To thine own self be true.” It’s not shown in the picture, but the reverse side of the compass pendant says, “Choose your own path.” This necklace is so beautiful and I love the simple, yet powerful message in it. The anchor earrings are a summer-long favorite of mine. I bought these when I was in the midst of my anchor obsession over the summer and I loved wearing them to close out the last few days of my summer vacation.


That’s all for my favorites this month! I hope I can share with you some fall goodies next month! Leave a comment telling me what your favorites are for the month of August! Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon.



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  1. That’s a really good post 🙂 It would mean the world if you could check out my August Favorites and maybe follow me back? 🙂

    – Becca xo

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