Looking Forward to Fall

I am way more than just excited about fall, or autumn this year! Although summer is arguably one of my favorite seasons, I am love Fall. I love apple picking, pumpkin picking, leaf crunching, baking, thanksgiving, my birthday, and a whole slew of autumnal goodness that comes along with this time of the year. I’m especially excited to start wearing deeper lipsticks and more bold eye looks as the weather gets colder. Unfortunately, mother nature doesn’t seem to be able to make up her mind yet about autumn. The weather in my neck of the woods feels much more like summer than fall, but there’s no harm in rounding up some great lipsticks to kick into action when the time comes!

Below are some of my favorite darker lip products that I love to wear when the weather gets colder. I’ll definitely collect some more when I get around to surveying my local CVS or even Sephora.

From Left: Wet n’ Wild in Deep Wine, Revlon Lip Butter in Lolipop, Maybelline Vivid in Vivid Rose, Clinique Lipstick in Red-y to Wear, and Lush Lip Tint in Deep, Just-Bitten Red.


I much prefer tube lip products because they’re much easier to apply than a pot, but the color of the Lush Lip Tint is just gorgeous!


The top swatch is the Lush Lip Tint in Deep, Just-Bitten Red and the swatches underneath from the left are: Wet n’ Wild, Revlon, Maybelline, and Clinique.

I know that the Revlon and Maybelline colors are typically ones that are more suited for spring and summer, but I think they’ll add a great bright pop of color to the lips when paired with a smokey eye or cat-eye liner. I also like to wear a lot of black and grey in the fall and winter, so I figured a bright rose or fushia would be a great alternative to a classic red lip.


These are just the lip products I grabbed from my collection, which is rather small when compared to others. I can’t wait to raid the shelves of my local drugstores, Sephora, and MAC for some gorgeous deep berry and wine tones for this season. What are you looking forward to this coming season? Do you have a favorite dark lipstick? Let me know in the comments below! Have an amazing day!


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