Blogtober Fest: OOTD

Hello! I have my very first fall inspired OOTD today for you! I love fall and I’ve been absolutely obsessed with darker, plum, wine, cranberry, and burgundy colors lately. I even have a burgundy shade of eyeshadow I was loving in my September favorites post. Anyway, on with the outfit!

20131002-191324.jpg  20131002-191319.jpg

My neighbor’s dog was hanging out in the back yard, so I decided to borrow him for a photo op…with my neighbor’s permission of course!

The weather has been a bit strange lately because it’s been much warmer than I thought it would be for this time of year. I decided to wear mostly dark colors with a pop of burgundy on top.

20131002-191329.jpg  20131002-191002.jpg

*I forgot to take an up close shot of the sweater outside and the lighting inside isn’t exactly the best.

Boots: Black Nordstrom BP boots
Jeans: Pacsun Dark Blue jeans
Tank top: Target Black ribbed tank
Sweater: Target Burgundy sweater

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See you tomorrow! 🙂


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