Blogtober Fest: Apple Picking

Hi there! I know I missed my daily blog post yesterday, but that just means twice the fun today! Anyway, yesterday I went apple picking with my friends and my boyfriend and we had so much fun. I look forward to apple picking all year long, and going apple picking yesterday was the perfect end to a great weekend. I thought I would share some of the pictures I took when we were in the orchard yesterday and some tips for making the most out of your time apple picking.


Tips and Tricks

Before you go be sure to check out some different orchards and farms. Some will offer more than others, and keep in mind that some may also be more crowded than others. Typically my family goes to an orchard that is owned and operated by a family. The atmosphere is calm and it’s great for a family getaway for the day. This year my friends and I went to a different orchard that actually had a festival going on, and it was much more crowded. This one featured hay rides, pony rides, bouncy houses, and tons of fresh produce and off the grill food. It’s all about preference, so look around and pick one you think will best suit you!

20131014-123329.jpg  20131014-123334.jpg  20131014-123354.jpg  20131014-123324.jpg

What to wear:

Layer your clothes because it might be chilly in the morning but warmer later in the afternoon.

Wear long pants and skip on the skirts. Although you might look adorable in a skirt or shorts, bug bites won’t look so great the next day.

Wear boots or sneakers. As cute as your outfit may look with a pair of heeled boots, they won’t be of much help when you’re trudging through tall grass or climbing a latter. Go with a pair of cute sneakers or flat boots.


Where to start:

When you get to the orchard, take a minute to survey the area. Check out what they have available in terms of activities, baked goods, and other fruit to pick. Usually my family and I will pick all the apples we want, take a stroll through the pumpkin patch, and wrap up the day by picking up some fresh apple cider, cider donuts, and other treats.

Make sure to bring a bottle of water and a peeler to clean and peel any apples you eat while you’re there.

My Apple Picking Checklist:

Tons of Apples

Fresh Apple Cider

Cider Donuts

Apple Chips

Freshly made Apple Pie

Hot Apple Cider for the Car Ride


Thanks for stopping by and checking out my tips and tricks for apple picking! Stay tuned for some apple inspired recipes from pies, to strudel, to crumbly goodness! Have a great week everyone 🙂


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