Blogtober Fest: Monday Manicure

Happy Monday all! Today’s Monday manicure is also from the Essie Fall 2013 mini collection. This week, I’m wearing the color Vested Interest, and I think this color might actually be my favorite out of the four that I got! Even though I had been lusting over For the Twill of it for about a month, this polish actually caught me by surprise. It seems to be a really unique color that just screams fall! The color is deep grey- green that comes off a bit dark blue in some lighting. It’s not a duo chrome polish, but it has just the right amount of depth and it’s just absolutely gorgeous for the colder weather. My boyfriend’s mom actually complimented me on the color the other day too! I definitely recommend picking this color up if you can!



Thanks for stopping by for another Monday manicure! Let me know in the comments if you have any fall nail polish recommendations and have a great week!


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