Blogtober Fest: Purple Eyeshadows

I’m so super sorry about disappearing for the past two days. Midterms are just starting and I’ve been super busy with those, but I plan on finishing out Blogtober Fest strong! Anyway, I realized when I was going through my makeup yesterday that I have a ton of purple eyeshadow. I absolutely love the color purple, so I tend to buy a lot of purple things including eye makeup! I want to share with you some of my favorite purple eyeshadows, and a recent purple eyeshadow find from the dollar store!


I found the Rimmel palette today when I ran to the dollar store to pick up some cheap supplies for a craft project that I was doing. If it comes out nice I’ll write up a post on it!


I love purple eyeshadow because I think it works for all eye colors, and it was actually the first bright color I experimented with when I started getting into makeup. Here are some swatches of the palettes. The lighting isn’t the best, but I think they came out okay.


Wet n Wild Palette in Petal Pusher

The swatch colors (from top to bottom) are: left brow bone, right brow bone, right eyelid, right crease, right definer


Bobbi Brown Palette (Purple Day to Night)

The swatches are: Dusty plum (2nd from top), and eggplant (3rd from top)


Rimmel Glam Eyes Palette in Dark Signature

The swatches go counter-clockwise from the right side of the palette.


Victoria’s Secret Palette


Wet n Wild palette in Cool as a Cucumber


Inglot and MAC singles

The swatches are: Inglot 344 (It has a slight cool purple tone to it, but it didn’t really come out in the picture), Inglot 392, MAC Vibrant Grape

I hope you enjoyed my collection of purple eyeshadows! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a tutorial using these palettes. What’s your favorite not-neutral eyeshadow color(s)? Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out my giveaway here. Less than two weeks left until it’s closed, so hop on over and enter now!


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