Blogtober Fest: Day to Night Halloween makeup

Although I’m sad October and Blogtober Fest is over, I’m happy that we are now moving steadily into my birthday month! I wasn’t sure if I was going to have time to dress up, or do my makeup for Halloween, since I had such a busy day today. I managed to wear and photograph two Halloween makeup looks today, and I would love to share them with you. Even though Halloween is technically over, I’m sure some people still have Halloween parties to go to tomorrow, since it’s a Friday, so I included a super short tutorials of one of my simple Halloween looks. Enjoy!

This first look is Inspired by the pin-up girls from the 50’s. It seems pretty normal for day to day wear, or even a night out, so I’m not sure it counts, but I didn’t want to go too over board for work.


I actually transitioned from my previous pin-up look to this adorable cheetah in a matter of minutes, so it’s super easy to do and perfect for an impromptu Halloween party at night!

DSC02712 DSC02713

I thought this cute cheetah makeup was really fun and girly, so I actually wore it while I gave out candy to the adorable trick or treaters that came by!

Transition from Pin-Up Girl to Fierce Cheetah:

  1. Be sure to remove all of your red lipstick with a makeup wipe or paper towel, and moisturize your lips with a really good lip balm.
  2. Use a black pencil liner to draw a curved upside down triangle shape on the tip of your nose, and fill it in.
  3. Then take it down the center of your nose where it leads to your cupid’s bow, and draw a line all the way to the very top of your upper lip.
  4. Now line your top lip with the black eyeliner very precisely and fill it in.
  5. Using the same black eyeliner draw a couple of dots on each cheek. (You can stop here and be an adorable cat or…)
  6. Draw a few “u” shapes around the temple and side of your face to create the outline of cheetah spots.
  7. Use a matte brown shadow and a little bit of orange, if you want, to shade in the “u” shapes and you’re all set!

Rock you’re inner Fierce Cheetah at this year’s Halloween party! I hope you enjoyed these looks and the mini tutorial. Thanks for reading and be sure to enter my giveaway here if you haven’t already! This giveaway closes at 11:59pm Friday, November 1st, 2013 which is…TOMORROW!!


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