Drugstore Haul

Good Morning! I hope the layout change doesn’t make my site difficult to navigate. I know it’s different from my old layout, but I really like it, and I’m super excited to continue working on it. Anyway enough blabbing about that, and let’s get started on this drugstore haul!


I didn’t pick up all these items in one trip, but some stores near me we’re having great sales, so I decided to take advantage of them. Let’s jump right in!

I’ve heard a few reviews about this product, but it isn’t considered a huge hit like the Rocket (I need to try that one too). I’m excited to try this mascara out and see how it compares to my favorite Colossal Volume mascara. The wand looks similar to the Colossal Volume want, except this one has a little dent in it that looks like it would make the wand a bit more flexible than a regular one.

20131105-144602.jpg  20131105-144622.jpg

Next up are these Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms. I saw these a few times in the last couple weeks, but I decided to finally pick them up at Walmart. I didn’t see a limited edition sign near the display, but I’m still not sure yet if these lip balms are limited edition or part of the permanent line. There are rumors that the display that is out now is limited edition for the fall/winter seasons and a bigger release will come later in 2014, but I’m not positive. This line includes matte and lacquer balms, but I prefer matte lips, so I got two of the matte ones. I haven’t tried these out yet, but I love the packaging already and the swatches look nicely pigmented and pretty. I got the colors Sultry and Standout (From left).


I’ve been eyeing this lipstick for quite a while now, and I’m really happy to have finally picked it up. I’ve never tried any Milani products before, but I’m always hearing great things about them. I finally got this Milani lipstick in the color Sangria and WOW this lipstick is so amazing! The color is a beautiful deep berry shade and I’m definitely looking forward to wearing it this season. It has a really strong artificial watermelon scent to it, but it doesn’t bother me much because it goes away after a few minutes.


To go along with my new lipsticks, I picked up these lip liners from the Jordana line at Duane Reade, and I’m super excited to use them. I got the colors Tawny and Cabernet. Tawny has been highly recommended by a bunch of youtubers, and I definitely wanted a berry lip liner for my Milani lipstick, so I got Cabernet. Although Cabernet doesn’t match Sangria perfectly, they seem to go nicely together anyway.


I’m always on the lookout for a good drugstore blush, and I haven’t tried the ELF studio line blushes yet, so I decided to pick up a dusty mauve color from Target. I got the color Mellow Mauve because I want to venture out of my safe “coral blush” zone. I thought this color was really pretty, and I was immediately drawn to it because it looked matte. After swatching it, I realized that it ‘s actually more of a satin finish, but I’m still excited to use it.


Finally, I picked up this gel liner by L’Oreal in Blackest Black. I’ve never been too interested in gel liners before, but I decided it was time to . I think I may have tried the one by Maybelline, but I didn’t keep it. I’m really happy with this purchase because I love that it comes with a brush and now I finally have a gel liner to use. I think this liner comes in four other colors: slate, brown, and navy. If I end up really liking the formula I definitely want to pick up the navy.


Check out the swatches below!


(From Left: Jordana Tawny, Jordana Cabernet, Milani Sangria, Revlon Sultry, Revlon Standout, L’Oreal Blackest Black, ELF Mellow Mauve)

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a review of any of the products I picked up and if there are any other products I should check out. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk to you soon!


7 responses to “Drugstore Haul

  1. Great Little haul! I’d love a comparison with the Revlon matte balm stains against the normal ones 🙂

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