Sephora Haul: NARS and Urban Decay

Good morning my lovely readers! I was so excited to get my Sephora order in the mail a few days ago because I decided to spoil myself and use some of the gift cards I received for Christmas to get a few of the products I’ve been eyeing lately. This is probably the most money I’ve spent in a single visit to the Sephora website, but I’m really pleased with all the products I got, so I’m not feeling guilty at all! By the way, huge shout out to the Sephora Customer Service team! You guys rock! I had to use more than two gift cards to buy everything I wanted, so I ended up having to call the customer service number to get some help because the website only allowed me to apply two gift cards. The customer service representative was such a great help and she was really the sweetest. Sephora always has some of the nicest customer service representatives! Anyway, on with the haul…I’m so excited!

First up, is the Naked 3 palette! I literally went BONKERS when I got the e-mail from Sephora that it was back in stock! I think my boyfriend was a little frightened as I leaped across the room to my computer to order my very own Naked 3 palette from the Sephora website. This palette is even more gorgeous than I had imagined and it’s almost too pretty for me to use, but I know I’ll get over that soon enough and dig right into all those beautiful rose toned eyeshadows! Stay tuned for a full review and some tutorials coming your way very soon!



Next, is the NARS blush in Sin. I featured this blush in my November wish list and I was so happy to finally be able to pick it up! Every time I went into Sephora I would swatch and sigh… and swatch and sigh…and then walk away sadly. I always felt that as pretty as NARS blushes are, I really couldn’t justify spending $30.oo on a blush, so for almost two years I swatched and sighed…until now! I can finally call this blush mine and I’m so excited to use it! I think this berry color is beautiful color for all year round and I can’t wait to use it in a full face look for you!
Finally, the last product was a set that I had debated for a really long time, but when I saw Carina from Softly Sometimes review the NARS And God Created the Woman set, I was convinced…I had to have it! Carina does amazing reviews of beauty products and I really like her taste in eyeshadows, so when I saw that she loved this palette, it was only a matter of time before I jumped at the chance to get one myself! This eyeshadow palette features some of the most iconic NARS eyeshadows and I’m very happy to join the ranks of the beauty bloggers who own and love them! In addition to the eyeshadow palette, the set also comes with a sample of the much raved about NARS Smudge Proof eyeshadow primer and a mini eyeshadow brush. This palette was a great value for me because I’ve been dying to try the NARS eyeshadow primer and I have always heard really great things about the NARS eyeshadows as well. Can’t wait to do a full review and a bunch of tutorials for you!



I acquired quite a few points with this purchase, so I decided to redeem my points for two of the products featured in the rewards boutique. I’ve never tried any other face mask other than the C.O. Bigelow Power Berry mask, so I thought I would give a sample a go since the C.O. Bigelow company seems to have discontinued my beloved face mask. I picked up the Origins Clear Improvement: Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores because I’ve heard good things about the Origins line and I thought this would come in handy when I find my skin looking dull or when breakouts pop up.


The other product I redeemed my points for was the new Formula X for Sephora New Neutrals nail polish in this dusty mauve-grey shade. One of my favorite youtube beauty gurus, Makeup by Tiffany D. raved about the new Formula X nail polishes and I’m really excited to try it out. This color looks like it would be perfect to wear all year round, but I think it would look especially nice in the colder months during the winter and fall.


I completed my order with a few samples and I’m really happy with everything that I got… in case you couldn’t tell! Both the Naked 3 palette and the NARS blush in Sin were featured in past wish list posts, if you want to check them out here: October wish list and December Wish list. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any special requests for eye look tutorials using the palettes I picked up. Have you gone shopping lately? Tell me all about your beauty picks in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll be back with full reviews on all of these amazing products!


6 responses to “Sephora Haul: NARS and Urban Decay

  1. I love everything you picked up! Can’t wait to see you wearing those lovely eyeshadows, you can do a day-to-night kind of makeup look 😀

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