December/January Ipsy Glam Bags

I didn’t realize until I started writing up my January favorites post that I had completely forgotten to post my December and January Ipsy Glam bags! I’ve just decided to put them in one post to save space and for twice the Ipsy fun! Here we go!

20140131-235937.jpg  20140201-000246.jpg


These lashes are my absolute favorite product from December’s Glam Bag! I was super excited to try them out and well, you can read my rave review in my January Favorites here.


I’ve seen Nicka K beauty products in my local beauty supply stores, but I haven’t tried any of them yet. I do own a few nail polishes similar to this color, so I wasn’t really super excited about it, but I’m happy anyway!


I don’t own very many silver eyeshadows, and I haven’t tried the POP beauty line either, so I was definitely happy to see this in my bag. All the colors are shimmery and they’re very pigmented too.



Next, is a stick highlighter from Be a Bombshell. I was honestly a little disappointment when I got this in my bag because it’s super shimmery and I usually don’t like pink based highlighters, but I’ll try to find a different use for it, or maybe see if any of my friends want to trade.



I was so excited to get a NYX Round lipstick in my Ipsy bag, but after swatching it, I realized that it was quite frosty and I really don’t like the way frosty lipsticks look on me. I’ll probably try to layer it under or over some of the lipsticks I have, or give it away to a friend. Besides the frosty finish, the color is actually a really pretty cool toned nude.



That’s it for December’s Ipsy Glam Bag. Although I don’t think I’ll be using two of the products, I still think this month’s bag was definitely worth it! Love those lashes!!


The first product I picked up was this hair mask. I have a sample of another hair mask sitting in my sample drawer waiting to be tested, but I don’t typically use hair masks so I’m not sure when I’m going to get around to testing that one out. Now for this one, I think I’ll definitely be giving it a shot soon because I love the smell of it! I love good smelling hair products and this one smells awesome!


I was actually really happy to find this Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy eye pencil in my bag this month. I’m a sucker for any eye product that’s beige, nude, champagne, or any kind of light tan color, so I’m really excited to try this out. It looks like a shimmery champagne color that will look gorgeous on the inner corners.

20140201-000357.jpg 20140201-000347.jpg

I’m glad I got this Nourish Organic moisturizer this month because I’ve been in the market for another face moisturizer. I’ve been switching up my skincare routine over the past few months and I would love to find a cheaper alternative to the one I’ve been using. I’ll have more on that in a later skincare post, but for now, I’m excited to try this one out! I think it’ll be great to keep in my gym bag so I don’t need to bring my bigger moisturizer all the time.


I’m a lip product junkie, so this lip balm was a great addition to my January bag. It wasn’t until I actually swatched it that I realized how beautiful this color is. I didn’t expect it to be so pigmented since it’s labeled to be a lip balm, but I am so impressed by it! It seems a little drying on the lips, but it’s nothing that a little bit of rose salve can’t fix.

20140201-000341.jpg  20140201-000333.jpg

Finally, I got a few packets of Proactive Mark Fading pads. Although I did have some hyper pigmentation from my acne scars, I’m not as uncomfortable with them as I was a few years ago, so I’ll probably give these away.


I’m so happy with my January Ipsy Glam Bag and I can’t wait to try these products out. I’m thinking of doing an additional hair care post as well because I seem to be trying a lot more stuff for my hair too! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my back to back Ipsy Glam Bag post, and I promise to be quicker with my February post this month! Hope you’re all having an awesome day, and I’ll be back soon with more reviews, tutorials, and updates!



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