January Favorites

January has been a month of discovery for me so I have a ton of favorite makeup goodies to share with you! I will be doing a separate post on skincare because I’ve completely changed up my routine and I’ve been meaning to share it with you for months now. Anyway, I’m really excited to show you all what I’ve been loving all month so here goes!

First up is my favorite lip combo. In my MAC haul I showed that I picked up my very first MAC lipstick and I’ve been OBSESSED with it for the past month. All throughout January I was switching between random dark lip colors and my MAC Viva Glam 2 and NYX Apple Strudel lipgloss combo. The MAC Viva Glam 2 lipstick is a pink toned nude lipstick that is really creamy and I find that it’s not drying, but lasts really long on the lips. Although I like the shade on my lips alone, I prefer to add a touch of pink to it because I’ve been wearing really dark eyeshadow looks lately, and I don’t want to look too washed out. The combination of these two lip products is just amazing, and I’m really happy I found a nude color that actually works nicely with my skin tone!



Speaking of MAC, I also hauled the eyeshadow “Brun” in my MAC haul post and I’ve really been enjoying using it to fill in my eyebrows. I switched from using my Anastasia Brow Wiz because I’ve been running low on it and and I keep putting off buying another one. To be honest, I’m not quite sure why I keep putting it off, because it lasts me around 5 months, so it’s definitely a great investment. Anyway, I’ve been using my favorite tiny angled eyeliner brush by Bdellium to apply “Brun” to my eyebrows and I really like how soft and natural they look. I’ve also tried “Brun” as an outer “v” and crease color and I like how versatile it is.



Since we’re on the topic of eyes, I have been experimenting with false lashes quite a lot recently and I found a pair that I have fallen in love with! I actually received these 120 Ardell Natural false lashes in my December Ipsy bag and I absolutely love them! I had to trim them to fit my eyes, but they really add on the drama and I love how they look on. My friends have told me that they look pretty natural on my eyes, but I’m not quite sure I agree… but that’s just probably because I’m used to seeing my natural lashes on a daily bases.


Since we’re on the topic of eyes, I just want to give a lovely shout out to my favorite eyeshadow palettes of the month! If you’ve seen my recent hauls, you can probably guess that I’ve been loving my Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette and my NARS And God Created the Woman eyeshadow palette. I love rose gold and neutral colors, so I’ve been in the beautiful land of rosy-gold eyeshadows and perfect neutral eyeshadows all month long. I’ll have separate reviews, swatches, and looks for these palettes coming ups soon in the near future. For now, I’ll leave you with these pretty pictures…



On to cheeks! Once more, I have another two products I hauled recently in my last two Sephora hauls here and here. I have been using the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer for about a month and a half now and I really really like to use it as a contour and all over to bronze my face. I love that it’s matte and that the color is definitely buildable. Plus, it smells divine!! After lusting over the NARS blush in “Sin”, I finally picked it up and I have refused to put it down! I’ve been obsessed with berry toned blushes all fall and winter and this blush has been a beautiful addition to my collection. I think it’s a great everyday blush color, especially for this time of the year.




Keeping on the topic of face products, I’ve been testing out this Hourglass Mineral primer for about a month and a half. (It was also featured in my Sephora Birthday Haul.) I really like how this primer smooths my skin out and creates an even canvas for my foundation. It’s hard for me to determine how this primer affects the longevity of my makeup because makeup lasts fairly well on my skin in the winter because it’s so dry, but I’ll be sure to save some to test out in the summer.


Now on to nail polish! I mentioned the OPI nail polish from the Mariah Carry line called “My Favorite Ornament” in my November wish list and I not only got that one, but I also picked up a liquid sand polish called “Silent Stars Go By.” I haven’t gotten around to wearing “My Favorite Ornament” yet, but I am loving “Silent Stars Go By.” First of all, let’s just take a moment and envy the people who get to name these polishes! I always love nail polishes with cute and fun names! Anyway, I’ll be brining back Monday Manicure posts this Monday where I will show you this gorgeous nail polish that I’ve been rocking for almost two weeks now!


Those are all my favorites for the month of January. I’m excited to see what lovely goodies I will discover or rediscover this February. What were your favorites during the month of January? Tell me all about them in the comments below! Have an awesome day everyone and I’ll be back with more makeup madness!


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