Broadway Petite Press On Nails

I’ve always been curious about press on nails, but I’ve never been bold enough to try them. I was told that they would ruin my nails, make them peel, and make my life miserable in general! I had been eyeing a few sets in the drugstore, and I finally decided to pick up a box right before the holidays when I was in CVS taking a much needed break from finals and stress. I settled on the Real Life Petite Broadway Nails because they were 50% off and of the nail kits I researched, these seemed to have good reviews. I also have small hands, so I thought that this would be a good option for my tiny fingers…really though, I know ten year-olds who have bigger hands than me! Anyway, here’s my review!


Packaging: This nail kit comes with 24 nails, a cuticle stick, nail file, and nail glue. The nails are in little tray compartments and they feature a convenient little tab that is perfect to use when gluing the nails on. The packaging is functional, but nothing spectacular. On with the product!



Product: I expected to find super thick fake nails that were hard and not flexible at all. My mom used to do her own nails, and I remember the contraption she needed to use to shave them down to a good length and thickness. My second worry was that the nails would be much too long and that they wouldn’t look natural or at least normal! To my surprise, I found thin, plastic feeling nails that were slightly flexible and strangely natural looking. I went through the sizes and matched some up to my nails, followed the directions, and applied them. The directions were easy to follow and I was surprised to find that I could have all ten nails applied in about five minutes. For someone who has never worn fake nails before, I could actually feel pressure on my natural nails from pressing the fake ones on, but the sensation went away after a few minutes. The Broadway Nails website says that the false nails can be filed and painted like natural nails, but that they can only be worn for up to seven days and that they should be removed carefully with nail polish remover. I filed some of the nails down to the length I wanted and started my week!



Longevity: While wearing these nails, I went about my normal college-student life and put them to the test. The nails didn’t break but almost all of them popped off at one point or another. It didn’t really bother me too much though because it wasn’t anything a dab of nail glue couldn’t fix. I also might not have used enough glue in the first place. I must say though, fishing for my thumb nail at the bottom of my bag and trying to glue it on before running off to class was something I could’ve gone without! Otherwise,the nails looked really pretty and stayed looking that way all week long. I must say that I was very pleased with how the nails looked and felt. The nails have a very smooth plastic feel to them, but it looked very natural. About mid-week, I decided to paint my nails for Christmas. Painting the false nails was just like painting my natural nails, and the finish was really nice. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture and toward the end of the week, the false nails just kept popping off, so I ended up taking them all off. When I finally took my nails off, I used nail polish remover to soak them off. My natural nails were left unharmed, but I did experience a bruised feeling on my nail beds, but there was no visible damage and the feeling went away in a matter of hours.



Pros and Cons: I liked the way the nails looked and felt on, and the application was easy. Fixing any popped-off nails was also quick and easy. However, didn’t like that I had to be more aware of what I was doing when I was fishing through my bag or picking things up. (I can tend to be a bit clumsy and hard on my hands, and I’m constantly jamming my fingers and breaking my natural nails.) I also didn’t like the bruised feeling I got when I removed the nails.


Bottom Line: Because these nails were 50% off I bought an extra pack, in case I lost a nail or wanted to use them again, but I probably will only use them in emergency situations or for special events when I don’t have time to get a proper manicure. I would recommend these nails to anyone who wants pretty looking nails in a pinch or anyone looking to experiment with fake nails. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who has a fairly active life and doesn’t have time to constantly be aware of nails popping off.

That’s all for my review on the Real Life Petite Broadway Nails. Have you ever tried false nails? What did you try and did you like them? Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back later!


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