L’Oreal Paris Privee Collection Review

Hello lovelies! I have a haul/review today for you on the L’Oreal Paris Privee Collection. If you want to know more about this collection check out the L’Oreal website here. I posted about this new drugstore limited edition release last weekend (here) and since then, I’ve collected three more lipsticks from the line and two nail polishes.  Can you tell that I really loved this collection? I’ll only be reviewing the lipsticks here because the nail polishes will be featured in my Monday Manicure series. I’ll link them here once I post them.


Packaging: I have to give it up to L’Oreal for the packing of these lipsticks. They’re absolutely brilliant, and it was the very first thing I noticed about the products. I’m a huge sucker for pretty packaging. Anyway, these lipsticks are in matte black cases that are similar to the typical NARS packaging. I’ve been a little obsessed with NARS lately, so there was no way I was going to pass up a drugstore packaging dupe. Anyway, each one features the signature of the L’Oreal celebrity spokeswoman that it’s designed for, as well as the Privee Collection label. I noticed that in other reviews of these products, many of the lipsticks have a really pretty gold stamp on the top of the cap, but mine don’t seem to have that cute little detail..oh well. 20140318-130331.jpg

Product: The lipsticks smell like L’Oreal’s permanent collection lipsticks, which I personally like. I know that the smell bothers some people, but I don’t really notice it. I was only able to find five of the six colors available in U.S., but I’ll probably keep my eye out for more. I picked up Eva’s nude (Eva Longoria), JLow’s Nude (Jennifer Lopez), Julianne’s Nude (Julianne More), Doutzen’s Nude (Doutzen Kroes), and Liya’s Nude (Liya Kebede). The lipsticks don’t feel drying, but I wouldn’t call them moisturizing either. They’re a bit balmy and comfortable to wear on the lips. The colors are really pretty and they all look surprisingly nice on me. Normally nude lipsticks either look like concealer or too peachy on my lips because they’re so pigmented. Although a couple of the shades swatched a bit peachy on my arm, they came across really nicely on my lips. All the colors were fairly pigmented, but they did lean more on the sheer side and they all had a nice sheen to them. The only color that I noticed a bit of very fine glitter in it was Liya’s lipstick, but because it’s such a dark color, the glitter particles gave the color a bit of dimension. I’m not sure yet what my favorite one is, but I’m stuck between Julianne’s Nude and Doutzen’s Nude right now. I’m hoping to pick a favorite soon because I might just have to go buy a backup! I really wish L’Oreal would make these lipsticks permanent because what’s the use of finding your perfect nude shade if you can’t keep repurchasing it when you run out?! 20140318-130526.jpg

Top row: Eva, JLow, Julianne Bottom row: Doutzen, Liya

Arm swatches:


From left: Eva, JLow, Julianne, Doutzen, Liya Lip swatches: DSC03488 Eva’s Nude DSC03500 Jennifer’s Nude (JLow) DSC03507 Julianne’s Nude DSC03512 Doutzen’s Nude DSC03515 Liya’s Nude

Bottom Line: Over all, I’m really happy with these lipsticks, and I think they’re are a great buy for anyone who loves nude lipsticks. The colors are a bit sheer, but with just enough pigment in them to let some of your natural lip color mix in with the lipstick, so I think it ends up complimenting the skin much better than traditional super pigmented nude lipsticks. I was able to find all of the lipsticks in my local Rite Aid drugstores, but unfortunately, I can’t find them anywhere else. If you like these, I definitely recommend running out to pick some up before they’re all gone! That’s all for today! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite nude lipsticks are. I’m a bit obsessed with finding some MLBB (my lips but better) lipsticks and perfect everyday colors at the moment, so let me know what yours are below! Thanks for stopping by and have an amazing day!


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