Top Coat Heros!

Hello everyone! Last week I mentioned in my Manicure Monday post that I may have found the answer to my quick dry top coat prayers! I used to love the Revlon Color Stay top coat for a long time, but I realized that it just wasn’t working as well as it used to, and it started to get really gross and goopy only half way through the bottle. I figured it was time I look for something different, so on a recent trip to Ulta, in search of Butter London nail polishes, I picked up a mini size of Orly’s Sec n’ Dry (You know I’m a little obsessed with cute tiny things!) and a mini bottle of De Mert Nail Enamel Dryer. I always seem to forget to pick up a mini size of the Nail Enamel Dryer every time I’m in Ulta, but I was determined to make painting my nails less of an all night event.


One of my biggest pet peeves with nail polishes is when they don’t seem to dry completely and they get strange annoying little imprints on them, and it starts to look like you fell asleep babysitting your 8 year-old cousin who decided to paint your nails with goopy expired nail polish…ick!! After my trip to Ulta, I decided to test out my new Butter London nail polish, and I thought it would be a great time to also test out my new quick dry top coat and nail polish spray. I started with a strengthening base by Sally Hansen and went about my nail painting routine. Teddy Girl was a bit sheer, so I had to build it up gradually to get the opacity I wanted. I used about two to three coats, but the nail polish didn’t look thick at all, so I was really happy about that. Once I was satisfied with the opacity of the nail polish, I applied one coat of the Orly Sec n’ Dry and let it sit for about 30 seconds to a minute, and then I sprayed my nails one at a time with the De Mert Nail Enamel Dryer. I waved my hands around like a lunatic for about 10 seconds and gave it another 30 to set, just in case. I touched my nails, and to my utter surprise, they were completely dry, had a glossy salon manicure finish, and the nail polish had completely hardened. Voila! My nails looked like I had gone to the salon and had a wonderful relaxing manicure…well except for my decrepit cuticles. Those will be my next project.

20140403-003017.jpg  20140403-003011.jpg

I was so happy with my manicure, but I was sure it would chip in just a few days. Again to my utter surprise, my manicure looked perfect for a good five days before showing any signs of wear. Even at the five day mark, my nails only had tiny chips at the very tip of the nail that probably resulted from typing on a computer for three out of those five days. That’s all for today! What nail products are you currently obsessing over? Any magical base/top coats, or is there a special nail polish that has stolen your heart? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by as always, and stay tuned for some prom makeup tutorials coming up!



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