Nars Final Cut Blush review

I absolutely adore Nars blushes because of the impeccable quality, color range, and beautiful packaging. The Nars Final Cut collection was a limited edition spring release that was exclusive to Nordstrom. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful orange-coral blush named after the Final Cut collection, and I’m really happy I got to pick it up before it was gone for good. I’ll be honest, I was originally drawn to this collection because I love Pink Floyd and The Final Cut is one of my favorite songs. I did a little research to find out if the collection was in any way related to the amazing 70’s band, but to my disappointment, there was no connection to be found. *sad face* Anyway, on with the review!

20140517-225842.jpg 20140517-225931.jpg

Gorgeous, sleek packaging as always! I always vow to keep my Nars products pristine, but they always seem to get grubby and a little worn. For now I will bask in its beauty though!

20140517-225849.jpg 20140517-225910.jpg

I originally expected the color to be a brighter true orange, and I was a bit disappointed when I opened it up to find a pale peachy coral, but it turned out for the better because this blush is super pigmented.


This color is beautiful for the warmer weather, and I’m super excited to include it into my daily makeup routine. As always, the blush applies and blends into the skin really well. This blush is just bright enough to make a statement, but it also has just enough pink mixed in to keep it really wearable and give it more of a peachy tone. It also looks just as pretty as a sheer wash of color on the cheeks or as a bright pop of pale peach on fresh and dewy skin. Take a look at that swatch of pure pigment! Ingenious example of Nars art? I think so!

20140517-225856.jpg  20140517-225917.jpg

Like I mentioned before, this blush is part of a limited edition line, so if you get the chance to pick it up, I definitely recommend doing so. I’m a huge blush junkie, so of course I have a hard time passing up most blushes, but I truly think this color is unique. I’ve seen a few blushes similar to this one, but none that seem to strike such a perfect balance between coral and peach.

Here’s a link to the page where I found the blush. It’s no longer part of a separate collection, so it’s mixed in with the rest of the shades, but as far as I know the blush color itself is limited edition.

Happy Shopping!

That’s my review for today! What are some of your favorite blush colors to wear in the summertime? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for stopping by and I’ll be back later this weekend with a mini haul from MAC’s new Alluring Aquatics collection, so stay tuned for that.


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