MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection Review and Swatches

I feel like a mermaid! I’m so excited to share the products I picked up from the new Alluring Aquatics collection by MAC. The collection was released last week online and in stores this past Thursday. When I saw an early review of the collection by Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog, I was immediately drawn in by the gorgeous packaging. I’m really a sucker for beautiful packaging and this line from MAC truly takes the cake for coolest packaging ever!


The collection comes in metallic teal containers with 3D water droplets that make it look wet. I love this design so much because I think it’s just so creative and I’ve never seen anything like it before!


I had already decided to pick up both blushes from the collection when I saw Karen’s review because I’m a huge blush hoarder, so I got Sea me Hear me and Seduced at Sea. I wanted to get something else from the collection to review too, but I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to try a lipstick, lip gloss, or eyeshadow.

Left:Seduced at Sea  Right: Sea me Hear me

I ended up falling in love with a beautiful bright purple lipstick called Goddess of the Sea and a shimmery bronze gloss called Water Deities. How amazing are those names by the way?! I only got the lipstick, but I’m starting to kick myself for not getting the gloss too because it was so gorgeous!

Woops! I guess I didn’t see the shadow…my bad! 🙂

Anyway, I’m new to the extra dimension formula, so I was so happy to find out that these blushes were not only part of a super cool limited edition collection, but that I would also get a chance to try out a different blush formula.

Seduced at Sea

Sea me Hear me

I really do believe the hype about MAC face products and the rave reviews on the extra dimension line now. These blushes are so soft and buttery to the touch that they almost feel like a cream. The colors are beautiful and seem to blend out really nicely.

From left: Seduced at Sea and Sea me Hear me

I think the lipstick has to be my favorite for packaging from this collection. The 3D water droplets surround the entire tube and the metallic teal looks amazing paired with the classic MAC black on the inside of the tube.


As for the color, at first I was a bit weary because I wanted something for the summer, but the nude and neutral colors all seemed to be too pale and frosty for me. Then I swatched Goddess of the Sea and realized that purple lips are completely on trend this season and that I think I may have found my lipstick buddy for summer.


I don’t usually buy products from limited edition collections, but I tend to have a weakness for the MAC summer collections every year. Last year I swooned over the Ripe for Love blush from their Temperature Rising collection and I practically had to force myself to try new blushes because I was so smitten with it. Anyway, I’m really excited to use these products and I can’t wait to share a look featuring my new lipstick love. I hope you enjoyed this mini haul and review! I’ve officially finished my junior year of college so I’ll have tons more time to commit to blogging. Thanks for reading as always and I’ll talk to you all soon!


13 responses to “MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection Review and Swatches

  1. Ugh, I super love the packaging and some of the eyeshadows. I don’t buy much MAC anymore, but this is sooo hard to resist!

  2. I love the packaging. I thought the lipstick case was wet until you said it was 3d water droplets lol. I love the purple lipstick. It’s so in right now!

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