New Makeup Organization

Hello, I’m so excited to show all of you my new vanity area and makeup storage. My old system of table top drawers just wasn’t cutting it anymore. It got to the point where I couldn’t open my lip drawer because of how many products I had crammed in there! I wasn’t using nearly as many products in my collection as I wanted to for the sheer fact that it was a pain to have to empty out a tiny drawer just to find one eyeshadow or palette. All that is in the past now because I caved…I bought the IKEA Alex 9 drawer unit. I have a loft bed, so it’s been a struggle to figure out the perfect set up, but I think I finally have!


I honestly couldn’t be happier! All of my makeup products are super easy to find and access now, and mornings go much smoother with this setup! My only issue is that, I’m afraid that I might be more inclined to buy makeup now that I can fit more of it! What am I talking about, that’s not a fear…it’s a goal!!



I also really love that I can have a clean vanity with just a few pretty things and everyday beauty products laying out. I’m so ready for fall, so I broke out my Leaves candle that I got as a birthday present last year.


I also found this super adorable octopus jewelry bowl at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and even though the summer is practically over, I love ocean and beach themed things in general. Maybe I’ll come across a pumpkin or fall themed jewelry bowl on my next visit and swap this one out!


I added some storage and decorative space to the wall right above my vanity area. My dad helped me install a couple of small shelves from IKEA for me to use as a nail polish rack and picture frame ledge.


I also used a coat hook bar to store some of my favorite purses, some necklaces, and my keys!


I feel so much better about my makeup storage now that everything has a designated place and I’m not shuffling through tons of stuff just to find a nail polish in my sock drawer…yes I used to keep my box of nail polish in my sock drawer…please don’t judge me!


With just a few tweaks here and there, you can turn almost any space into the perfect space! How do you like to store your makeup? Do you have an IKEA Alex 9 drawer unit, or do you use something else? Tell me all about it in the comments section below! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


19 responses to “New Makeup Organization

    • Haha! I would love to! I’m glad my post was helpful. It’s so hard to have a workable makeup space in a small room, so I’m pretty happy with my setup. I’d love to see what you come up with when you reorganize! Thanks for stopping by!

    • I was avoiding getting it for a while, but everything is so much easier now that I have it. Everything has a place and I don’t have to worry about anything going missing. I highly recommend the Alex drawers. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi, so sorry for the late response! I’ve been away from blogging for the last few months. To be entirely honest, I’m not sure what color is on my walls because my parents painted my room when I was really little, but I think it may have been from the brand Baer.

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