Blogtober Fest (2014): Neutral Cheetah Nails

I’m all about quick and easy nail art to spice up my regular nail polish routine, so cheetah print is one that I go for often because it’s super easy and a fun way to add a little something extra to your manicure! I did a post about a year ago on my first attempt at cheetah nails and I loved how it came out, so if you want to check that out, click here. I plan on doing more nail art posts and tutorials because I love the look of fun patterns and designs. I probably have a million of them pinned on Pinterest!


What do you think? I really like that the bright pink nail polish and sparkle gives the neutral polish some life. I’m not sure this is exactly office appropriate, but mine didn’t seem to mind. I think that having neutral colored nails and only one accent nail definitely helped though. I love this look and it would be a ton of fun to wear it on all of my nails, but I think for now, I’ll keep it as a bright little accent. What kinds of nail art trends are you currently loving? Any suggestions for future nail art ideas? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all a little later! I’ve been having some upload issues, so today I’ll be putting up two posts to make up for yesterday


One response to “Blogtober Fest (2014): Neutral Cheetah Nails

  1. Very nice! I never have the patience for doing any kind of nail art – aside from painting one of my nails a different color for an accent nail. This look turned out really well!

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