Blogtober Fest (2014): Printed Leggings

Greetings from Salem, Massachusetts! Tonight was a bit nippy outside, so I piled on the layers and we headed out for a spooky show, a trolley ride, and dinner. I got these adorable printed leggings from Forever 21 a few weeks ago and I love them. I think they’re such a fun way to spice up a fall outfit with a sweater and boots, which is exactly what I did!

Thumbs up for awkward mirror selfies!

What I’m wearing:

Denim Vested Sweater (American Eagle)

Open Knit Sweater (American Eagle)

Printed Legggings (Forever 21)

Combat Boots (Target- kids section)

…and another one!


This outfit is super comfy and easy to move around in. How do you rock your printed leggings? Thanks for stopping by and have a great Saturday! See you tomorrow!


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