Blogtober Fest (2014): Weekend Getaway to Salem

This weekend in Salem, Massachusetts was so much fun. I definitely recommend spending a weekend or a few days in the whimsical town. On our first night we arrived at around 6, so we checked in and went straight out to the Gallows Hill Show and Trolley Ride. The show summarized the hysteria that lead to the Salem Witch Trials and the historical significance of some of the most famous buildings in Salem. The trolley ride was a ton of fun and our host was quite a character. He introduced himself as Dr. Sanguinary and as we toured Salem on the trolley he told scary stories and made jokes about American Horror Story and his crazy doctor alter ego.




After the trolley ride, we got dinner at The Naumkeag Ordinary.


It was a cozy restaurant with warm lighting and great food. We topped it off with a slice of pumpkin spice cake.


On Sunday, we walked around Salem along the painted red line that guides tourists to all the historical sites and attractions. We stopped at Count Orlock’s Nightmare Gallery to check out replicas of some of the most terrifying creatures and villains of popular horror films. Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures, but I definitely recommend going if you’re in the area.

We did get some fun pictures with the creatures outside though!



Around lunch time we dropped by the Flying Saucer Pizza Company to share the “Mars Attacks” pizza on beer dough.


The restaurant’s logo is a pug in a spacesuit eating pizza!


My inner nerd loved the sci fi inspired decor and menu item names. A Captain Piccard Borg statue stood on the opposite wall of the entrance in front of a wall covered in famous sci fi characters and signed memorabilia.


We spent the rest of the day wandering around town, going in and out of witchcraft shops and family owned stores.

At first we thought she was actually a bronze statue! Until she moved! You can also see the red line I was talking about before.

He was actually really good!

We walked down by the water to learn about the history of the North Shore and to take some seaside selfies!




Then we wandered down Derby street to the House of Seven Gables, and later that night we went to the Chamber of Horrors Haunted House.


Our feet finally grew weary, so we went back into town to get dinner. On Saturday night we tried to go to Rockafellas for dinner, but it was completely packed, so we decided to try again on Sunday. The wait was about 15 minutes and it was completely worth it once we got our food.


Then we went to the Salem Screamery for Dessert. We settled on sharing a large cup of Pumpkin Spice ice cream. A perfect end to a perfect night!


Once we were stuffed, we headed back to the hotel to retire for the night. I wish we had more time to spend in Salem, but it gives us an excuse to come back next year!


What did you do on this long weekend? Any Halloween inspired plans this month? Thanks for stopping
by and have a great day!


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