A Shot at Macro Photography

While taking my first photography class during my last semester of college, I was inspired to go beyond my assignments and experiment with my camera a little bit. I bought a Nikon D3200 about three months ago, and I’m still learning how to take photos in manual mode, but I want to learn how to stretch the capabilities of my kit lens before I buy another one. For this trip, I set my lens to manual focus and headed out to a near by preserve!

The first half of the photos were taken at the beginning of spring when the weather finally warmed up enough for plants to begin budding. The second half of the photos were taken only a few days ago when everything in the preserve seemed to bloom and become green again! It’s pretty easy to spot the transition between the sets of photos. Hope you enjoy!

wavesI’m not quite sure what this was, but I think it was some kind of mushroom. I thought the natural color palette of dusty blues and browns was so beautiful. The scaled texture and colors made me think of rolling waves on the beach.

lovely_redAgain, I have no idea what these are! If you know, please tell me down below in the comments! I was obsessed with photographing these err…we’ll call them flowers! I thought the gradient of pinks and reds and oranges was so gorgeous. Against the dull background of early spring, they were vibrant beacons of warm weather and fruity drinks.

twistedI also couldn’t get enough of these twisting vines that wrapped around bare stems.  The smooth wave-like curves of the intertwining vines are contrasted with sharp thorns only centimeters away. I also loved how the angle of this photograph makes it look like an infinity sign.

tangledlate_eveningI took these two photographs for the same reason. It was getting late in the day and everything seemed to take on a burnt orange color as the sun made its way west. The light caught these tiny weeds in the most peculiar way. The light reflected on the insides of the tiny flowers and drooping leaves made it look like they were illuminated from within.

tinyThis budding plant looked so playful and bug-like, that I just had to snap a photo! It was so tiny, but such a bright yellow-green color that it stood out among the brown, rust, and red colors in the preserve. I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine!

scaled_downMuch like the first photograph, this one caught my eye because of the scaled texture of the…err mushroom? I loved that they were on one side of the tree making their way up and around the trunk. I remember when I was taking this picture, that the scales reminded me of sea shells. I can still see the resemblance, but now I’m thinking that it just might have been my longing for summer.

focusI decided to play around with the aperture on my camera to get a unique perspective on this tree branch. I think it came out pretty cool! I loved all the texture on the very end of the branch and it took me a little fiddling with the manual focus and aperture settings, but I finally got the shot I wanted.

stemJust like the tiny budding plant I captured a few photos ago, this bright green stem caught my eye. As I got closer, I noticed the little white markings all appeared to be diamond shaped. I also really liked that my camera picked up on the texture of the stem itself.

beginningsgreenSpeaking of bright green! These gorgeous plants ushered in summer with a warm welcome. I took these pictures the morning after it had rained overnight. The ground was still damp, but the water left over on the leaves gave them a beautiful sheen that reflected the overcast morning sunlight.

flower_childFinally some recognizable flowers! Bright white against a lush green background. Summer is finally here. I loved how effortlessly pretty the flower on the lower right was just sitting there in the sunlight.

dancerI managed to catch this bright green vine bouncing in the wind. It was late afternoon when I took the picture so the sun was only peeking through parts of the trees. I love how the light reflecting off the green shrubs in the back highlight the vine ever so slightly.

dandelionEver since I was little, I loved dandelions. Instead of making a wish and blowing away the seeds, I decided to capture it at its fullest. I love how the camera was able to pick up on the tiny details of the seeds. I can’t wait to get my hands on a macro lens and get even clearer photos!

Thanks so much for checking out my first photography post! I’m by no means a professional, but I definitely had a lot of fun getting up close and personal with the tiniest parts of nature. What do you like to take photos of? Any tips for an amateur? As always, I love to read your comments! Thanks for stopping by, and have an amazing day!


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