Summer Festival Makeup

Hey there lovelies! I was feeling creative today, so I decided to break out my colorful eyeshadows and have some fun. Even though I’m not much for festivals, I love festival fashion and makeup, so I came up with this surf ‘n sun festival themed look. festival_5
I love the contrast between warm and cool colors, and I think this look strikes a great balance between the two color palettes.
For the eyelid, I went with a classic sunset look by blending bright orange into the crease, patting a yellow-toned gold to the lid, and defining the outer v with a pink-based purple to pull it all together.

For the swirls, I used a nude eyeliner to line my lower lash line and to draw them on. Then, I used a thin square-shaped eyeshadow brush to tap blue and green eyeshadow on top of the nude eyeliner both on the lower lash line and on top of the swirls. The eyeshadow didn’t seem bright enough so I used a few blue and green liquid eyeliners to go over the swirls to make them pop. For the finishing touch, I added a few swipes of gold, bright pink, and lime green to accent to swirls.

To make this look more day-time wearable, you can skip the blue and green swirls and just rock the sunset eyes and bright lower lash-line. I went for a pinky-nude lip, but if you’re feeling really festive, you can definitely go all out with a bright pink or purple shade to complete your look!

What do you think? This is definitely way more colorful than my typical eyeshadow routine, but I really like it, and it was fun to create! Will you be going to a festival this season? What kinds of makeup looks are you looking forward to wearing this summer? Tell me all about it in the comments! Thanks for stopping by!




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