Page by Paige Beauty Redefined

Hey there! I’m really glad it’s finally summer. If you’ve read some of my most recent posts, this last semester of school pulled me away from blogging for quite a few months. I can say with much more confidence now that since the school year has ended and I’ve finally graduated, I will be returning to posting regularly with just a few changes.

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Page by Paige Beauty was originally created as a place for me to share my love for makeup and beauty products, which I will continue to do, but I’ve realized that I want to share more than that with my readers. Over the last few months, I rediscovered my love for creating when I learned to knit over winter break in January and when I took my first photography class during my final spring semester of college. I also forgot how much I liked to sketch portraits of my friends and family. Then, it hit me! I don’t just find makeup and beauty products beautiful. I find creativity beautiful, and I really want to share that with all of you.

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I want Page by Paige Beauty to be about the beauty we create in everyday life. Whether it’s through cooking an amazing meal for our families, mastering the perfect smokey eye, or turning a simple object into something amazing with only the power of imagination, we all create and encounter beauty every day, and Page by Paige Beauty is the place to share all of that. I not only want to share my own bits of everyday beauty, but I also want to inspire you to as well.

Create, Share, and Aspire to Inspire with me!


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